Friday, August 14, 2009

My Friday's Fave from ETSY

I love vintage metal storage baskets. I love anything "storage" related. I am constantly seeking out "things" to store more "things" in! These three adorable storage solutions are by: High Street Market, Paper and String, and 26 Olive Street all found on Etsy of course!

I love Sara Paloma! Not only is she an amazing artist but she's also one of my dear friends! I've known Sara since high-school and I am still her number 1 fan! I love her work. Each series resonates with me. I am proud to say I have several pieces by her dazzling my home! To see more of Sara Paloma's work click on her name above or go to:

I fell in love with these prints from John W. Golden! These would look great in my kids bathroom. To check out more work by John you can click on his name above or visit him at

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