Monday, August 10, 2009

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse (also known as "exquisite cadaver" or "rotating corpse") is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled, the result being known as the exquisite corpse or cadavre exquis in French. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous contributed 

Years ago in college there was a group of us that became really close since we had the same classes, same breaks,  and we would sit around, smoke (usually at some dingy diner) and pass paper around writing whatever thoughts came pouring out. The paper would be folded over and you had no idea what the other person just wrote. Sometimes they were hilarious, perverted, even totally lame, but the process was intriguing. 

I have wanted to host a party for some time. Well, maybe more like a small gathering of close friends. Not your usual BBQ, cocktail, or potluck type party either. Something different. When I came across this article today on Design Sponge (one of my fav blogs) "High Brow meets Low Times Party." I knew this was for me, to host a "Exquisite Corpse" theme party.

Food, drinks, friends, and art-what more could a gal ask for! 

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