Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rooms with a View

My son Ryder loves to take photos. Any chance he can he sneaks my camera and starts shooting away, usually unbeknownst to me.  It's usually not until I am uploading photos, photos I think are of things I just photographed and I get the most amazing insight into his little brain. Above are photos Ryder took on March 25. 2009.

1) view of floor from standing on kitchen bar stool
2) his foot on vintage slat bench 
3) self-portrait
4) a deep look into our trash can
5) barstool view into laundry room and part of kitchen

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The sun is coming out.......

My sons and I started our new garden. We have planted one every year they have been alive, going on 7 years for Alex and 4 years for Ryder. Our last garden didn't do too well, we left on vacation during the hottest time of the summer for 2 and half weeks and forgot to re-set our sprinkler system-thus one sad, droopy looking garden! We were so sad, all of our hard work down the drain (so to speak)! But, we are back.....this year we planted....
1) Black Krim Tomatoes 
2) Cinnamon Basil
3) Strawberries
4) Carrots
5) Pumpkins
5) Cucumbers
6) Zucchini/Squash
7) Coriander Cilantro 
8) Italian Basil
9) Italian Parsley 

Check out our early beginning stage of our garden....more posts to come as our garden grows

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Succulent Succulent

Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and/or roots. The storage of water often gives the succulent plants a more swollen or fleshy appearance, which I am completely drawn too. Probably because it reminds of me of me! There is something cheery about a succulent....I just can't get enough.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love ETSY!

Buy Handmade Shop Esty! I love Esty for all it has to offer. Amazing and diversified artists from indie clothing designers, jewelry designers, artists, crafter's, graphic designers, vintage dealers, and so much more! 

I am not only an avid supporter of Etsy (I sell and buy) but I am huge believer in drinking my daily dose of Etsy. I love discovering mid-century modern finds, or being turned onto an amazing designer from rings, to clothes. I never not find something on Etsy to love. I may not be able to purchase everything I come across and that's okay, I simply look and get filled. For me, this is thoroughly therapeutic

So, I say try it. Get searching. You will not only be inspired and if you just can't leave without purchasing that special find then not only are you happy but you are supporting an artist! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finds from my Thrift Store Extravaganza this week....

yellowie sunshine!

 Yellow Pantry (Country Living Magazine)
Modern Yellow Wedding Cake (blog.kimvalle)

Yellow Onesie by VERYKIKI on etsy
CaMPY PLaNTERS by PERCH available by Nest Living
Not Neutral Triton 2 Pillow at
Okay, I have a goal. A goal to post more on this blog. I love discovering new blogs, I love being updated by the blogs I adore, and get so enraptured into their sites I never leave time to actually blog more on my on. So, here I go. I have no idea what this will look like, what the content will be exactly, just design, art and design, or art, design and all things that interest me.....we'll see where the creativity takes me and where this blog will end up.....for today, the color yellow is inspiring me.....