Friday, January 28, 2011

Through the glass terrarium's wall

A few years back I was turned onto terrariums. Terrarium gardens are miniature succulent and moss gardens in glass containers. I am completely fascinated by them. They are easy to maintain, need indirect sunlight and could pretty much be placed in any area of the home. I found some adorable containers, that's right pears and apples (sorry I can't give out my source!) and have been selling out of them like hot cakes. Here are some samples of what I am making! 

The terrariums are too delicate to ship but if you live in Orange County you can stop by my gal Aggelige's shop called Organic Design! I just dropped off 6 more today! They come in a range of sizes too. 

** Organic Design located at THE CAMP (across from seed and patagonia) 2937 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new studio space friends

Around November I moved my kiln down to my friend's Jennifer place. My kiln was lonely and needed a pal (her kiln). So we share space now and are still getting the "work area" figured out but for the most part I am settled in. Here are a few of my new friends that watch me work and make my time glazing and firing my kiln a happy time. 

Oh yeah, there is also a turtle, a cat, and a dog who hang out with me too. 

MilkWeed: Planter Passion

MilkWeed: Planter Passion