Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Book of Me Chapter 2


Here are more artists who have and or continue to stir me.

Eva Ziesel  (born Eva Amalia Stricker, November 13, 1906) is a Hungarian industrial designer known for her work with ceramics primarily from the period after she immigrated to the United States.

Tony Marsh (born 1954) is an American contemporary ceramic artist. He lives and works in Long Beach, California. He is (and was when I attended) chair at CSULB art departments ceramics program.

Kristen Morgin – Not sure I can even express into words how beautiful I find her work to be. She was part of a “visiting artists” program at my school during my last year at CSULB and I found her as well as her work very intriguing.

Sara Paloma- my dear friend since high-school. Amazing artist and mommy! Check her work out at


Jennifer Johnson-my best friend for over 20 years now (wow) she’s an amazing designer, bass player, and friend. Here is her new line called Dainty June!

There are several best friends I can add into this section. Our friendship and sisterhood are truly an inspiration to me.

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