Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under the ETSY sun!

You Are All I Need Letterpress Mini Poster- Blue RaspberryLeather Ipod CozieWIRE BASKET with vintage zinc label of wine caveVintage Metal ToteTeeny Tinies - Super Small Succulent in Tiny Little Ceramic Cup1930s Remington Rand No. 5 Streamline  - Perfect Condition60s ELECTRIC BLUE Button Tufted OFFICE CHAIR60s Vintage Ellery Black Proper Suit Jacket and Skirt

I can browse ETSY every day, wait I do browse ETSY every day! Maybe I am a little addicted. Maybe it’s a great vehicle for inspiration. Maybe, just maybe it’s a way for me to get a shopping fix without actually spending any money, you know  mark my favorites.  Hold onto them in my “fav” section on my etsy account. Its not just the abundance of talent on it that holds me captive, it’s the stories, the creations, the insight into someone else’s life and in some small way avoiding my own.  

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