Tuesday, April 15, 2008

hola amigas

Sunday was my birthday. In celebration of this event I had about 12 of my dearest friends over for drinks and cupcakes. Women who I have known more than 20 years and some whom I am just beginning to connect with. It's funny how long it takes us to realize how important relationships are. We know we are in them, we know we want them, but to truly understand the magnitude of them isn't realized for years. I am 37 now and I sat in the middle of those women and I just sighed and thought wow. How brilliant, creative, passionate, witty, and interesting they each are. How they compliment one another. How often do women of all walks find that one string that connects them, even if that one string is me. This delicate sewing of connections: memories, stories if you will is vital to how we interact with one another. How each of us finds that common thread that pulls us to one another. With out that dialogue, without that interaction how can we go on trying to understand this world if we won't take the time to converse. I wish I could have painted that night and spewed forth my emotions onto canvas. To recreate for each of them how I see them. How I know them. How I admire them. How I love them.

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