Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Viva Verde!

I have been doing my part to live green. I recycle, I purchase earth friendly home and body products, buy organic as much as possible and have done small things around my house to make it more efficient and safer for my family.  I am still left asking what more can I do and until I have a million to level my house and build green from the ground up and purchase a hybrid,  I am feeling a bit hopeless.  Not hopeless in the sense that the world is going to end because of me but more like I wish I could do more now. Why am I feeling this? Why are we bombarded with ideas and solutions; implement them and  still feel inadequate? When really what I am doing, what my family is doing is more and is contributing to protecting our earth. That by me loving my 1956 home and not purchasing a new one I have saved thousands of trees. We have stopped using bottled water and when we do we recycle every single one. We planted a garden. We water only 1 time a week compared to my neighbors who water daily and our grass is still just as green as theirs. Why do I feel like I am not doing enough? Is global warming just political propaganda with a huge marketing agenda behind it? Is this just another "fear tactic" to get us to buy into something that really is not going to happen? Or even if it is propaganda of some sort we are still doing something to help make our planet last a little bit longer and is caring for our world a bad thing? 

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