Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bravo’s WORK OF ART The Next Great Artists

About a year or so ago I heard a rumor that they were casting for this new show Sara Jessica Parker was involved in creating.  A show based on artists. As and artist I was immediately intrigued yet totally skeptical too. It could be totally cheesy ya know, however, upon watching I think I really like it. What do you think?

I love these types of shows; reality shows where they put people’s skills to the test, in an arena that is their specialty. (Top Design, the Next Design Star, Top Chef, etc.,) Each challenge pushing them selves to create something in a time constrained event. Ugh, that would be the hardest part, being limited to time. 

So far the challenges have been interesting. I love this latest one (episode 3) “Judging a Book By Its Cover, the contestants are ask to create an innovative cover art for a classic novel to be judged by author and artist Jonathan Santlofer. I was trying to imagine which book title I would have picked and what I would have created. I would have loved to have chosen “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Which book would you have hoped to pick? What would you have created? 

Here is the winner …… John and his cover art that was selected. The Time Machine by HG Wells for Penguin Books.

Of course, as with every realty type show there are people you like and easily dislike. People you come to root for and ones you can’t wait for the judges to see what you see and give them the boot. I thought the judges were accurate in sending Judith home; I wasn’t getting any of the work she created so far on the show. Do you think the voted the right person off? 

To see the all the works from episode three go to work: Bravo TV 

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