Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Building castles and other collages


James Castle (1899-1977) never learned to speak, read, or write-and yet he created a wide range of extraordinary works. Upon viewing some of his work I instantly became enamored.

I have been cutting out and saving images from magazines for years. Some are art idea s for paintings or sculpture, some are modern design inspiration and “wouldn’t I love to do buy that or remodel my home like that” inspiration, and others are recipe’s or party décor ideas.  No matter how small or large the article I keep the portions that I love.

Well, then what do you do with all the fragments, all the pieces, and all the images that evoke something in you? Some time ago I started neatly taping or gluing them into folders so I have them all together, lately, they moved me into making collages out of them. I’ve been recycling older (I’m talking 1988 to 1994 old) sketchbooks and reusing the scraps I have to make newfound inspiration.

And upon this collage induced mania I am on I came across James Castle the artist.  And even though James Castle’s work is not solely collage I was blown away by his work and wanted to share it with you. One day, when I get a new camera I will be able to share the collage work I am doing. 

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