Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dwell on Design 2010

I was finally attending my first Dwell on Design exhibit and as the media (woo-hoo for my blog) and (woo-hoo for my gal pal Kristen over at Rage Against the Mini Van for turning me onto this).  I had no idea what to expect and can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

I went into this as a person who was going to blog about my experience and not covet the next great modern design element or walk away envious that I could not own every single item I saw or that my home wasn’t a prefab or from the ground up a mastermind of some known architect. Yes, I have to admit I can easily fall into the madness of materialism and get caught up in the “my house isn’t good enough if I don’t have blank or blank…... so lame I know. Instead, I went in as an avid admirer of all things modern, so with my little camera, note pad and pen (oh and my husband and two sons) here is some of what I unveiled. 

Planters by Wallter

Planters are powder coated aluminum-available in wall mounted, hanging, or on
A post. Yes, there are holes for drainage.

Pivot Furniture: Bloom Table Playset
Luxury organic nursery furniture-innovative design combined with eco-friendly manufacturing to create safe products.

If you are a fan of chalkboard paint then you are going to love this paint by Ideapaint. It's a special dry-erase paint. Ideapaint turns virtually anything you can paint into a dry-erase surface and any room into a hub of creativity and collaboration from work, to school to the your home. I love this.  Everything wipes away clean and any dry-erase markers work. 

We couldn't drag our boys away from this area in the Modern Family zone. 

Rabbit Ring by HaoShi 

I fell in love with this ring. It's so whimsical and I like how I could play off of it, do I see myself as a rabbit? Is this playing to the inner Alice and Wonderland in me? Or what other animal would I dare wear?
Ring is handmade from silver, metal, and plastic. 

Amazingly cool forms for the outdoors. Natural, durable and lightweight. 

Vessel by Architectural Pottery


From organic forms to geometric shapes Vessel pottery is sure to help carry your modern aesthetic throughout your landscape design. 

Last but, certainly not least is modern photography by Sara Wert. Sara and Stephanie were located in the Modern Family zone at Dwell on Design. I was so excited for her to snap a few shots of my boys. I can't wait to see them up on her blog. To see more shots from the weekend visit or

I will be posting more next week on some cool on-line stores I was introduced to and companies who are helping shape environmental awareness and also what's hot in home design.